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Holistic means entirety 

here, it refers to the entire person. This includes the whole body, the mind, psyche and the spirit. 

According to the holistic approach, the total physical parts of the body combined doesn't make the person. There's more to it. 

There are some hidden elements in a person that can’t be quantified physically. 

All the vitals and health stats of a person may come out right but chances are that person may not be feeling well.  May not be emotionally hale or or exuberating true happiness.

Holistic healing consider a person in entirety and treats a person by understanding the underlaying causes that might have caused the disease.

The fundamental principle behind holistic healing method is to simplify all the problems so that the person's body itself will heal it in an easy way. 

Its like giving an opportunity to nature itself to intervene and do the needful healing by creating a conducive environment within the suffering patient.

If we observe closely, most of the holistic remedies are commonly related to relieve symptoms of stress, fatigue, sleep issues, digestion issues, blood pressure, mood swings, pain etc., but again, these underlying conditions at times provide vital clues to more chronic conditions. 

If left unaddressed, these symptoms may become the primary reason for other diseases to manifest.

Thus, it's necessary to rip the underlying health issues in the bud itself before they manifests into a full blown disease.

In the scientific medicine, an attempt is made to cure the body first. medicines are given orally or injected into the one’s body and that medicine is carried by the blood flow to various organs or intended organ to cure the disease. 

Its definitely a well-established and proven scientific system that could provide instant relief and cure to many people. 

But even the scientific system has some limitations as well. 

The system makes a wild assumption that all the people are the same.

All the people are not the same, there are some differences too, hence the most medicines don't produce the intended results and the intended efficacy and the results could vary from person to person based on their resistance, immunity levels and their body's response. 

Contrary to this, In the holistic system, the approach to the body is through the mind and spirit of that person.

Healing happens from the inside out. Calming the mind and the spirit is the first step.

Calming is accomplished by Yoga. 

We recommend practicing simple PsyYoga wherein we teach the aspirant how to 'Start Every Activity From a Blissful State' to calm the mind and energizes the spirit.

PsyYoga practice is recommended before or after the physical Yoga practice, this helps one to get the the right frame of mind. 

PsyYoga also consists of few combination of simple  asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Dhyana (meditation) and Affirmations.

The practice of PsyYoga could help complete the Yoga session and also helps to sustain the benefits of Yoga with the individual for a much longer time. 

This prevents one from entering the stressful state once again. PsyYoga acts like a shield. 

For people who are practicing Yoga on a regular basis, PsyYoga can be practiced at the beginning or as an end routine during the Yoga session just before the Shavasana (corpse pose). 

What we actually do here is that, in addition to calming the mind and the spirit, one's psyche is also calmed and tamed that includes attitudes, desires, behaviors etc., 

This helps to control the person's negative auto behaviors which manifests during certain situation that the person encounters (thus preventing the sudden auto manifestation of the hidden demons in our psyche)

PsyYoga believes that the Psyche of the person is also critical in addition to the person's body, mind and spirit. 

The world connects with the person through their attitudes, desires, involvement, etc. all dictated by the person’s psyche. 

The usefulness or troublesome-ness of the person to the society is decided by that psyche factor. 

Hence PsyYoga is designed to address the important issues of the psyche and to refine and make the person more useful to themselves, their families and to the society at large.

PsyYoga healing is also an holistic approach. 

No medicine is involved, its between that person aided by nature to heal.

Holistic healing are also well known to help in healing sleeplessness, depression and particularly helpful in recovering from anxiety bouts. 

We do not propagate spiritual healing or spirituality.

PsyYoga is neutral to religion, race and gender. 

We do believe in the higher force called the God but do not identify with any religious practice.

PsyYoga believes in 'Divinity' 

There is divinity in every creation, every creature.

For instance, to demonstrate it, take a closer look at a rose in full bloom and smell the fragrance emanating from the rose, one can see and experience the divinity hidden in it (not spirituality)  

Divinity is universal, while spirituality is limiting. 

Physical Yoga, through its asanas helps the person to release the tensions built-up in their physical body like muscles and joints, likewise meditation relieves the tensions of the mind. The practice of PsyYoga relieves the tension built up in our psyche, attitude and behavior.

We do not amplify the concept of chanting mantras for achieving focus, though it is scientifically proven by studies that by repetitive rendering of various sounds does have an positive effect on the body. 

It's left the people to assimilate knowledge regarding the subject matter and decide on it since we do not propagate spirituality in the first place. 

For us, as PsyYogi's we only see divinity in everything, in all the creations in the universe including humans.

Meditation combined with PsyYoga can be considered as an addition to supplement drugs to treat conditions such as anxiety or depression.

Meditation has also been shown to improve cognitive function in various studies across the world.

All the holistic treatments have just one goal: 

To treat and cure the person permanently and prevent remission. 

This world has seen more turmoil than it can take. 

Everyday, new forms of distress is catching up and it's negativity is spreading like wild fire. 

Sometimes its the religion, other time its the inequality, the pandemic or the inflation. 

All this is driving us all into a very stressful life forcing us to go into sometimes into a toxic competitive mode. 

Compete or perish seem to be the idiom now. 

Continuously competing isn't good and exerts too much stress on our system. 

Imagine a student giving exams every day, how stressful it will be for the student, such is the day-to-day life of many people we see today. 

That is why the holistic healing is catching up rapidly across the globe. 

It has tremendous potential to prevent a distress rather than the curing potential disease. 

Many people and cultures around the world today have realized the benefits of holistic healing and are benefiting from adopting its methods. 

People also are on the look-out for side effect free healing methods. Low cost and remission free when choosing an treatment plan, they incorporate the one best suited to them.

Holistic methodologies are centuries old and are proven systems in varied societies around the globe. 

Even before the advent of modern medicines holistic healing systems existed and flourished. 

Sushruta is considered as the father of surgery 2000 years ago in the ayurvedic system of natural medicine.

Yoga originated in India around 500 BCE.

The practice of Yoga has seen beneficial results to all age groups of people including children and old age people, unlike the physical exercises that are more suitable for our youths. 

Yoga has proven to improve flexibility, improve blood circulation, reduce stress, increase stamina and meditation to improve focus and concentration. Turning one's inward is the fundamental aspect of the holistic system. 

PsyYoga is designed to aid along with Yoga to calm and soothe our psyche and soothe some toxic auto-behaviors that act  like spikes to our personality, PsyYoga thus helps to smoothen those spikes in once behaviors and attitudes.

Will power is the outer layer and doesn't work for everyone, while PsyYoga is at the inner most layer and corrects at the roots.

Practicing PsyYoga calms the mind and soothes the psyche. while aiding in the holistic healing process.

Good Luck and Happy Days!

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Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at PsyYoga, Pebbles Transformation and Diversity Equilibrium. Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email: krish@psyyoga.org

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