Dwell in Pure Happiness Through PsyYoga - An introduction to a Simple and Practical System.


Experience Pure Happiness and Bliss.

      “Choose to be happy, choose to make others happy” 

Words from Sadhguru

The source of joy is within you; you can take charge of it. When you are fundamentally joyous, when you do not have to do anything to be happy, then every dimension of your lifethe way you perceive and express yourself and the worldwill change.

Welcome to the PsyYoga Series

In this first post, I wish to mention some of the intricacies of happiness in the PsyYoga System.

But before that, a little bit about my humble mission:


What is PsyYoga ?

PsyYoga (abbreviation of Psychological Yoga®) is a simple system of yoga that details the yogic methods for psychological well-being, successfully handle inner hardships, and also experience pure happiness and bliss in life.


What’s the aim of PsyYoga ?

“PsyYoga has just one aim that is to help the seeker: "Dwell in Pure Happiness®.”

“PsyYoga intents to truly help the seeker dwell in simple, but pure, abundant happiness, and experience bliss in the present moment.”

Not to systematize the seeker with multiple yoga poses, conditional diet, sadhanas or procedures nor to make one feel the burden of their guilt or past regrets. No, no more going through the grind.


Who is PsyYoga for?

PsyYoga is crafted for one all.

I believe, everyone on this planet is entitled to be happy.

Very happy indeed.

I heartily welcome you. 


The PsyYoga Mission: Why am I doing this?

I’m doing this because I realized, that’s what gives me real happiness too: Bringing a happy smile on someone's face is all that I truly aspire.

I strongly believe in one simple concept:

“When millions of people around the world experience pure happiness, that happiness has the cumulative power to radiate to the universe as a strong collective positive force, and help make our planet, a nature’s paradise for one and all.”

But on the other hand, if randomly, half of the people of our planet are happy and prosperous, while the other half  of them are sad then, the resultant effect is quite the opposite and creates imbalances everywhere, in one way or the other, and its side-effects will reflect back to the society in various negative ways. It might strike back as a natural disaster, a political turmoil or a difficult pandemic.

“Only the collective happiness of one and all has the power to change the world for the better.” - PsyYoga.org


How to Dwell in Pure Happiness?

I invite you to practice PsyYoga on a daily basis.

The PsyYoga system is very simple.

The PsyYoga System I have crafted, prescribes just one solution for all the common problems, and just one simple method to follow, that's easily attainable.


What is that Solution?

The PsyYoga System fundamentally states just one thing:

“Start with Bliss®”Just start every action from a blissful state.

That’s it. That's the Fist Step. 

Everything I teach, revolves around this one simple goal. 

No long hours of meditation, no multiple yoga poses, no strict dietary systems / procedures to follow.

It’s true that, any complex procedures, methods will not only make a system difficult to follow, but also, difficult to sustain practice to reap the benefits over a long period of time, PsyYoga is very simple to understand and practice.

 "PsyYoga is a way of life, not just Yoga."


What does the above solution mean?

It means, any activity, irrespective of its nature, Start with Bliss.

That simple!

Take for example,

You want to strike a conversation with someone, or with a loved one, a friend, an enemy?

Start the conversation from a blissful state.

Don’t concentrate on the words alone, instead: Radiate love, and bliss from your heart and see the magic unfold.

Don’t take my word for it. Follow this yourself for some days and see the astonishing results unfold in front of you.

And when you do get results, let me know, that’ll make me very happy too.

“The whole system of PsyYoga is centered around the concept of ‘Bliss’ that helps one to experience pure happiness, and attain higher psychological well-being.”

In today's time,  where most of us are facing new challenges, both at the global level, and at an individual level, the new normal is not easy to adapt to. The changed socio-economic situation worldwide has altered almost every aspect of our day to day lives.

We live in a time, where spikes of negative thoughts erupts like molten lava unleashing pain, and untold loss for many among us in multiple ways. Physical and psychological isolation has compounded that pain.

One needs the mental, and emotional strength to stay calm, and face life in all its fury.

“The PsyYoga system might sound very simple, believe me, this simple system has the power to transform anyone from the core, and make that person’s life livable in pure happiness, bliss, and glory. It has the power to change the world”

That’s my assurance and that’s my passion, and my promise to you.

“PsyYoga has only one statement, one mission, and one method.”

I will be helping the seeker with practical tips to follow, all along, till the mission is accomplished.


Why PsyYoga?

For example, do you want to do some exceptional work?

Start it from a blissful state: You will churn out some superior stuff for sure. I’ll assure you.


What happens when you follow the PsyYoga system?

You will learn to start every activity from a blissful state (a resultant of true  psychological harmony) : Be it walking, taking, sleeping, working, any, and every activity…. every move...

And the results: You will be genuinely happy. You'll experience pure happiness and bliss. You will be adored.

“From the blissful state, every activity you do will be in sync with the universal law of life, love, and help find the much needed peace within.” - PsyYoga.org

You will be loved, and you’ll feel complete in existence.

You’ll start to spread that happiness, and that pure love all around, abundantly, blissfully, everywhere.

This is the actual purpose of our creation on this planet.

“The purpose of our creation is meant for happiness not sadness.”

To be happy with all that is given to us, without complaining.

To be happy in the right way, and in an responsible way.

To be happy, by not being a slave to our senses, but by rising above it.

To be happy, by living in a continuous blissful state, radiating light, radiating love, and radiating happiness always.

It’s the real ‘Real Happy Life’ not dependent on anyone or anything, yet fully happy.

“Be attached to nothing but to the core of the universe, always blissful, and always happy.” - PsyYoga.org


Want to Live a Happy life?

When someone asks you: How’s your life?

Do you want to say: Happy, Great! 

Then, I humbly invite you to practice The PsyYoga System.

Become a PsyYogi and see your life transform completely.

Start experiencing true happiness, and everlasting bliss.

Now a bit of basics:


What is Bliss?

Bliss can’t be explained.

“Bliss can only be experienced through pure happiness.” - PsyYoga.org

It’s like asking, what is the real taste of pure honey? Or, the pure fragrance of jasmine flower: all this can be better experienced than explained.

Yet, to define it:

“Bliss is a special spontaneous experience within, resulting from a feeling of pure and abundant happiness. It’s not induced nor is dependent on anything external, it’s not created by something, it cannot be passed on nor taken from someone. But, its existence is reflected within oneself in all its vibrancy.”

Such abundant happiness shows up on the individual experiencing it. Somewhere, somehow, all the time, even if one tries to conceal it.

Even the inverse of it is true:

Are you experiencing internal conflicts and chaos? even that will show up somewhere, somehow all the time, even if you try to conceal it, it'll send the signals many experienced people can get them in a whisker. One look is enough and they get to know your state.


Internal Chaos Vs Pure Silence:

Bliss is the “The Pure Silence Within®”.

Experience that pure silence within.

In a blissful state, enjoy the silence within oneself, feel the calmness within, and the beauty of oneself, exuberantly in an uninhibited and in an abundant way even when alone, no company is needed. The universe is your company. Vast, vibrant and limitless.

"In blissful state, experiences the universe in all its vibrance within oneself, with nothing at hand but still complete within. That’s the spirit of PsyYoga." 

Yes, It’s that simple, but the fact is, it also took me many years to experience this simple concept deep within me, after closely observing, practicing, and studying many a systems.

They say, necessity is the mother of invention. That’s one hundred percent true in my case too.


A brief peek into my story to throw some light on the events that led me to this:

Something happened in my life, sometime ago, that turned me around to look inwards. 

I lost my most loving and beloved father in the year 2013. Though he was at his ripe age, he was everything to all of our family.

Everything that was stable, certain and good in our lives till that moment, everything instantly collapsed with the months and events that lead to his sad demise.

I did the last rights of burning his holy pyre along with other male members of my family.

It may appear that these events are not something abnormal, and these things are faced by almost all humans.

Very true. But, It wasn't that way for me. 

For the next three years, I was shut out from the world from within.

I felt no thirst nor hunger most of the time.

Just living like a vegetable, immersed in some deep thoughts. 

I was doing everything, running a family, going to office, buying groceries, driving, yet all, like anybody else, but deep within me, I felt totally lost and soul-less. As if experiencing a free-fall from somewhere, waiting for the doom touch down any time. All my smiles and laughter's where cosmetic and not original. I was deceiving everyone, above all, deceiving me.

Everything I owned, every achievement and milestones, all that I learnt, my managerial job in a large organization, all seemed minuscule and worthless to me.

I hadn't experienced loss or death so closely ever before. The burning, the smell of raw ash. The cries. The reality.

Its not about death. Its not about the fear of it, it has to happen to one and all some day. But the point is, the whole concept of life is what pained me.

Those were the dark days. I felt I was fighting for my basicsbitterly battling everyday for the food, water, money, medicine, to survive. I used to become embittered, hostile, angry, and resentful at times, I grew callous and cruel to myself. I used to become suspicious, distrustful and isolated from everything, stayed mostly alone. I knew that I wasn't growing as a personI was shrinking and withered into my worst self.

Every social gathering, every happy event, didn’t last long. it would simply fade away in my mind too soon, and I would retire back into my own thoughts.

I would look at the full moon every time and utter to myself ‘unfair’, the same moon, in my childhood days was radiating happiness unto me.

Everything was in doldrums. Days, months and years were just flying like an empty plane at full throttle, racing through the vast sky, with nothing happening all around.

Though my search for true happiness never yielded any results.

At that time, strangely, my accomplishments at work was applauded. Salary rise and my promotions had happened, my spouse and then school going child was always trying to keep be happy. We went long drives on holidays, visited shopping malls and eat-outs.

But still, nothing excited me.

Something was hurting somewhere always, and it was very deep inside. I wasn't about missing my dad. He’s gone. But I hated the whole concept of life. Animals swallowing animals live. Lightning havocs, floods etc., even nature seemed absurd. The inner comfort is no more felt.

Many people whom I knew very closely of my dads era are gone. The best people. Just like that. All perished due to old age or other issues. No replacement for them. Nature cant get back such people to Earth. Never.

Many of my collogues had perished too due to unforeseen circumstances.

I'm to are old, yet, my era seemed worthless in comparison to my dad's. They had the inner purity; Divinity in their love and selfless. 

They all deserved a better life but I couldn't give it to them.

I used to read a lot. Ancient scripts yet all.

Strange experiences used to happen. 

I’ll talk about that in detail some other time. It’s almost inexpressible for now.

Then I realized:

The truth.

“In Bliss alone, one starts to Dwell in Pure Happiness.” 

I realized, Bliss is a moment of beauty and clarity.

“Bliss is a moment of disconnectedness to everything in this universe yet, part of it. A moment of fearlessness, a moment of liberation, a moment of experiencing the truth, and the union with multiple forces that govern our universe. Bliss is a great feeling within, where everything else dwarfs, it’s like viewing one’s existence from the hill top.” - PsyYoga.org

I started to do things that started to work for me because I needed to be there for my family.

It was during those hard times, I developed this system to help me recuperate.

I badly needed some real happiness withinto spring back to life.

This resultant effort to get going gave rise to the birth of 

‘The PsyYoga System’

It was originally meant for me and for me only.

Some private method, to help me gain the momentum, and get life back.

While the system was very helpful to me to spring back, I thought of sharing it.

And, my mission now became much clearer: To help the people experience this Bliss and Pure Happiness through the PsyYoga System.


How this blog will be useful to the seeker?

One will learn: "To start every activity from a Blissful state," the core of PsyYoga. To achieve this core, some simple steps needs to be practiced at regular intervals which I will be sharing. 

Also, I’ll share lots of heart rendering experiences, tips, and articles on Psyche, Yoga and PsyYoga to help you keep going with a smile, through the fury and reality we call life.


Are there any Yoga Asanas in PsyYoga?

The PsyYoga system comprises of just three simple Yoga Poses or Asanas.

These combined with breathing techniques, and mental assertion / visualization (which needs to be ideally practiced twice daily for around fifteen minutes each) will help the practitioner attain psychological and emotional harmony, and help one to Start Every Activity from a Blissful State.


The turbulent times we live in

Everything isn’t rosy inside most of us. 

Because, we are living in troubled times, we need to accept it. We do not know what will happen when we step out of our homes. Uncertainty, selfishness, and materialism combined with hatred, intolerance, and partisan attitude has taken humanity to unprecedented levels of anger, negativity and confusion.

To combat this, I invite you to become a part of this vital force called PsyYoga and reap the simple but valuable benefits, I can confidently say that it’s something that has the true potential to change humanity forever by providing a blissful life for oneself and for others.


Take a plunge into Pure Happiness and Bliss.

“Life’s Just Moments To Be Grateful For, Not Entitled.” 

So, get the best of every moment in Life.

Let’s Cherish it.

Happy days ahead. Thank you, and I welcome you abode!


Consistency is the essence of any system to get actionable results.

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(a) The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Please read our terms of use and site policies. 

(b) PsyYoga is not religion oriented, nor it is affiliated to any religious practices. It’s a simple scientific system designed for all, to help attain peace, and psychological well being, resulting in pure happiness through its practice. However, it’s always recommend to seek guidance, in case of doubts, and acquire complete knowledge before implementing the system.

PS: The PsyYoga System is intended to spread the happiness, and the bliss. Hence, it’s intended to be free. Any support is voluntary only. I request your support in the way of active participation. Connect with me at krish@psyyoga.org.

Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at PsyYoga, Pebbles Transformation and Diversity Equilibrium. Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email: krish@psyyoga.org

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