Your Life is Phenomenal

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It's never too late to have a happy childhood. - Berkeley Breathed

Your Life is Phenomenal.

Life is Just Pure Intelligence.

Every manifestation of Life that we see around us constitutes Pure Intelligence.

Life Unique and Non-Fungible.

Life is unique and non-fungible; you cannot replace one Life with another similar Life.

There are no opposites to Life, which is an unique aspect.

Birth and death are opposites, but not Life and Death.

Life tends to always pursue Happiness, Pleasure and Success.

It sways away from Unhappiness, Pain and Failure.

The tendency of our Life to be that way forever leads us to a single path.

The path of Fame, Comfort, and Pleasure.

We avoid anything that comes in the way.

We simply term this as Success.

It's fine as long as it lasts.

Success of that sort ultimately slows down after its initial peaks, and slowly transforms into its opposites.

But, why?

Because, like everything else in Nature. 

Duality is a rule, hard to escape.

That's why we compare the duality like Day and Night, Birth and Death.

To satisfy this duality, the thing we call as Success slowly transforms into its Opposite someday.

The trouble then starts.

It becomes unbearable to loose things that were so dear.

Tools such as PsyYoga teaches one to understand and pursue ambitions knowing that apposite exists and that this duality will show up sooner than expected. 

Accordingly, advanced conditioning is offered something like a vaccination of the psyche by preparing it to accept duality when it strikes hard.

Practicing the simple principles of PsyYoga helps to keep balance at all the times, and to understand that the opposites are not actually opposites but complementary to each other.

One needs to accept any Loss or Rejection in the same spirit as accepting Success.

Once this duality is conquered, we merge with a Desire-less State of Self within called the Aatma (the pure self).

This is a Blissful state in PsyYoga.

A state without worries.

Why Aatma is important?

Because Aatma is the path to merge with ParamAatma (the creator)

PsyYoga is a tool that helps balance the psyche to reach the Aatma State.

It’s up to the individual to either stay in that Blissful State or seek further towards the path of Param Aatma.

There is one truth to realize.

We were all Born Pure. 

With a Beautiful still Mind and a Desire-less Pure Self.

That's the Real Blissful State.

Then came the Needs, The Wants, Desires and Actions towards those desires, and that resulted moving one in the path of self-chosen Destiny.

Can we return back to that initial state at our will, as-and-when needed?

This is the ultimate aim of PsyYoga.

To bring a Blissful Existence back, the purity back.

In Abundance. 

On demand.

Happy Days! 

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Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at and Pebbles Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email:

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