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Pebbles Transformation® is about micro improvements that can add up to considerable results over a period of time. It's isn't about instant change. Results are thus achieved by consistent practice and guided positive action towards a goal over a period of time - Krish K. Madembeth.

It's a transformation concept conceived by Krish K. Madembeth, the founder and has a little story attached to it. 

This happened during some silent moments in the shores that he has picked his own inspiration to life and living from pebbles.


The thought that wandered in his mind is, when a small, rough and strong stone can transform to a smooth, round, beautiful and colorful pebble by the soft action of water or sand over long period of time, then imagine the promise human potential hold, and the power of transformation that is possible within all of us to lead a blissful life, constant practice towards this end can bring out the best in all of us. 

No hard action or force is needed, only prolonged soft action.


The purpose of our lives is to transform, to grow and to live our life to the fullest. 


We thrive to experience life in all its vivid colors, and alongside a deeper fulfilment in what we do and accomplish. 

With this purpose in our mind, we tend to keep ourselves busy, we work hard and play hard towards this end.

But today, our civilization is not in the best of form.

Though significant good and not so good transformations in all walks of our societal lives have taken place over the years that have led us to where we are now.

But that isn’t enough. 

There is progress, but also an uncontrolled progress. This uncontrolled progress has its side effects too. 

Most of us aren't living the best possible lives, our children aren't living the best possible lives either. 

As a society, everything doesn't point to a good life, be it private or public. 

Growing dissatisfaction and differences socially, culturally, religiously, economically is creating havoc.

Let’s reflect a bit, to reach where we are today in the timeline of human civilization, to position our nation's ambassadors in various other nation's, to reach a level of comradeship in international scheme of things, like, the human rights, sports, tourism, commerce to mention a few, and all the cooperation in various fields like science, space, medicine, we took this much time in the timeline of human history. 

We have been successful to a large extent.

We are proud to flaunt the likes and privileges of international travel, cross border migration, studying / working abroad. We have demonstrated that resilience, that success, and reinforced that spirit of oneness in us, that we can do it, and live as a global citizen. 

But these privileges has also brought more challenges with it.

Uncontrolled growth has resulted in uncontrolled exploitation.

Today, we are at the crossroads of more challenging times. The times of over exploitation of natural resources, earths minerals, our oceans, human potential, wrong / over use of technology, digital exploitation, over automation, all this has resulted in the great divide. 

Divide between the have's and the have not's, widening difference's and conflicts at various levels in our society. 

The answer to the next level of transformation, as a civilization, is not outside or is not in the purview of the laws or leaderships.

It’s within one and all of us. 

The basic human nature of concern, morals, compassion and tolerance coupled with minimalism is now missing and must once again bloom within ourselves paving way to paint a larger canvas of hope and a good life for generations to come.

Experience has taught us: Be it controlling climate change, healing our planet, respecting privacy laws, protecting children and the socioeconomically weak, preventing personal, regional or global conflicts, preventing digital exploitation, biases and et al. doesn’t happen through the making or implementation of stringent laws, to be truly effective, it must manifest itself from basic morality of each and every individual, from our civilization itself.

The next stage in the progress of our civilization needs a societal morality upgrade.

Nothing further is thus possible, no more tangible progress can be envisaged without a moral transformation for peaceful co-existence. 

Every other thing has been tried and done - in vain, for the modern man, living in the 21st century, one thing is sure. 

Our planet needs urgent healing.

Our humanity needs urgent healing too.


That’s the next stage.

Healing, to transcend to the next level of progress.

Next level of progress, where there is no more exploitation. Where there is moderation in everything from population to pollution.

One that is not blind to environmental needs and concerns. 

One that do not encourage further mushrooming of concrete jungles and cut-throat competition challenging the very basic human ideals.

The one that doesn’t encourage just the survival of the fittest but, survival of all stake holders of our plant including the flora and fauna all living in unity, harmony and peace. Un-watched. Un-exploited. Un-policed.

We need to build a Global Garden of Ecology, Diversity and Tolerance.”  -

Pebbles Transformation® is not restricted to personal transformation: It’s aimed at the transformation of humanity.  

We call this next level of transformation “Mission Morality” and will also run its course and time to accomplish, similar to what got us here. 

This is a start, a movement towards that end, spreading the awareness and the purpose, initiating action and slowly sustaining it to build momentum. 

The subject involves internal concerns for life, planet earth and good living as the basic principles for further human progress and sustainability, the author believes, inculcating this in the young minds would be the best investment.

"From a spiky rough and beauty less stone, a shiny little stone that we have become today. It's a long road ahead to turn this shiny little stone into a beautiful pebble." -

As a society, we’ve reached here, in the timeline of change, with the greatest efforts and sacrifices of various transformational souls who contributed their bit, from all walks of life and spanning many generations. 

From here on, we need to take it to the next level: Transform to a higher level.

We need to take humanity to the next level. It’s now our responsibility to transform from a shiny little stone into a beautiful pebble. From a tiny little moth into a beautiful butterfly. Pebbles

We need to transform as a society, morally. 

That is the only sustainable solution in the present scenario and good in the long run.

Let's be good, good to planet earth, good to our co-inhabitants, lets unitedly stop the greedy and let our goodness alone transform this civilization into a pebble from a shiny little stone that we can pass on to the next generation the most valuable gift that we can offer: 

"A morally valuable green earth will be the highest gift we all can give to the next generation." -

That'll be next definitive milestone in human progress.

Else, nature will teach us by striking back in much harsher ways, if we do not mend, the pandemic is one such hit back, natural disasters like floods and droughts that sweep our planet is yet another reminder to urgently control the hyper human activity and greed dominance on planet earth.

No amount of CCTV cameras, artificial intelligence, or stringent laws will change the scheme of things from here-on.

Our strong belief is, for this societal morality graph to ascend, for diversity to be respected, moral transformation must first happen at the individual level’s en-masse. 

This resultant snowballing effect will transform the society at large and transport us to a life of hope and happiness for one and all.

This is the simple and the primary aim of Pebbles Transformation.

We wish to be no super thinker or guru but, one amongst all, with a simple mission aimed at the transformation of humanity to the next level through the mantra of pebbles transformation. 

To aspire, to imbibe and to work towards this direction, together.

Happy days!
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