PsyYogi : Ten Life Principles to Help Lead a Beautiful Life.

By Krish K. Madembeth

 Lead a Beautiful Life.

PsyYoga has been formulated as an holistic method to maintain psychological well-being, successfully handle hardships, experience everlasting bliss and pure happiness in life.

'Bliss' is the core of PsyYoga.

Practice  'PsyYoga' daily.

Seeks to embrace life in its entirety by living blissfully, authentically, by accepting who you are and being happy hear and now.

The following 10 principles help lay the foundation and guide the PsyYogi towards the path of a beautiful life.

These principles sound very simple and generic in nature but the real challenge arises when those thoughts are put to practice in soul and spirit with all honesty.

1. Stick to the core principles of truth come what may. 

"Winning and loosing does not decide the worth of any individual, but sticking to one's principles makes the difference."  -

Stick to your core principles of truth, come what may.  

Just think for a moment, of all the people you really valued in your life, and the reason you valued them the most in the first place. 

Because, they stood for something.

Something  that means  a lot to you and that made me make this number one principle.

Standing up to truth is no small deed. It's the ultimate. - 

The biggest challenges and obstacles humanity has faced are dotted in human history as bright spots the examples of exemplary people who stood for truth and the obstacles they had to overcome in order to lead in the right way and emerge victorious for themselves and for others. 

2. Extend comradeship and display fair and healthy competition. 

Though Darwin postulated the "Survival of the fittest" and "Struggle for existence" theory. The reality is that, in todays world, it's gone a few steps ahead of it.

"Greed" has taken over.

And this greed to over accumulate, to control, to grab has massacred most of the goodness humanity has churned up over the centuries.  

Competition is inevitable, its necessity in todays world to survive, to flourish. But cut throat competition,  unmindful disruption of businesses and livelihood, excessive exploitation of natural and human resources and vulnerability mark the dilemma of modern living. 

When we look around, we see so much chaos happening both locally and at the global level and it mostly boils down to this one factor. "Fierce uncontrolled competition" combined with "win at all cost" attitude. 

Yes, people compete, businesses and brands compete with each other, children are taught to compete too at an early age, that means, in a sense:

"If one wants to win then many have to fail." 

That isn't fair right?

Its the cradle of all problems humanity is facing today.

Look closely, 

It's a pyramid system with a few going up and most settling below at the baseline of success. Actually,  this is the cradle of all problems humanity is suffering today. 

Trouble starts in the society from there on. Some tend to get "everything", while some others get "nothing." 

It's a vicious cycle, prompting conflicts. Prompting division and unrest in our society.

For a PsyYogi too, competition is unavoidable in life and work. 

But, you need to display healthy and fair competitive attitude. For that gesture, good people will be with you. It's win-win that matters. 


3. Be empathetic towards all the inhabitants of our planet.

Let's be empathetic to all the living beings on our planet Earth.

Not just humans, be it animals, birds or trees.  

"Feel" other's situation in your heart before dealing with them and you will be loved and remembered always in every good hearts that's stuffed with humanity. -

If todays  world is lacking a major quality, its empathy.

When we go through so many experience and pains in life, we become conscious of it and understand it when others face them, whereas. 

On the contrary, imagine,  if our kids are bought up well greased, without seeing or experiencing any pain or hardship in their life or in the society they live in, chances are their life experiences has very little to offer in terms of understanding other's pain and situation.

Means they could lack empathy to an extent, So, growing up in ones own natural way, even if its through struggles, isn't bad at all. 

The valuable life experiences and lessons life teaches is priceless, and cannot be studied or obtained in universities.

4. Keep intentions pure and clear at all times.

Our intentions are the real seed for all our actions. - Krish K. Madembeth

Keeping it pure and under check id vital.

This is the primary path to a peaceful life. Every action, good or bad takes birth as a seed in one's intentions. 

Beware. Practice restraint here. 

If our intentions are let loose, bad intentions thrive like weed in fresh water.

Cut the weed out in the bud itself and water the good crop alone.

Identifying our intentions and keeping a check on them is a way to lead a PsyYogi life.

5. Have great control over the spoken words.

All interpersonal troubles originates from the tongue. - Krish K. Madembeth

That age old saying "The slip of a tongue is more riskier than slip of a sword." stands true to this day. The latter might heal after sometime as well, but the former will continue to hurt.  

Keeping words gentle and kind at all times and during all challenges is a PsyYogi's prerequisite. 

This is a real key to a happy interpersonal life.


6. Take firm decisions.

Make mindful decisions without rushing in.

Indecisions leads to far more complications in today's world than wrong decisions. - Krish K. Madembeth

Taking timely decisions in all walks of your life is an art.

PsyYogi must be firm with decisions, and stand by them.

That'll make one strong as a person, most dependable to both self and of help to others. 

How to make one's life valuable? 

The answer is being useful, and standing up for oneself and for others. Showing up when needed. That way we get valued.

When we are valued, we feel the happiness inside. 

Recollect an instance when someone important valued you and the happiness you felt and also think about someone who ignored you.

 It hurt's right? 

Value comes when we give out value. "Giving" is the path to "Getting." -


7. Believe in the "Power of Love."

Believe, that there is no problem in this world, that cannot be solved with "Love."

Hate begets wars, whilst love begets peace -

PsyYogi has to shower great love to all the creations seen on Earth, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, geography, language, gender, size, culture etc., 

Love begets love, hate begets more hate. 

This is a precondition.

8. Show respect.

Believe and practice "Giving respect."

Giving respect is the only way to get the respect one believes they deserve.

Respect is hard earned. 

Both in personal and professional life. 

Respect to the law of the land, respect all the religions, languages and cultures. Respect to all the races, genders, elders, women, children, seniors, teachers, guru, all the professions, nature, environment, and to all the living beings. 

That's a sigh of an 'Universal Person' 

Become an 'Universal Person'. Become a PsyYogi.

Mutual respect paves way for mutual love. The beginning to an Happy Life.


9. Be willing to forgive.

The most important virtue, next to truth in this world, is forgiveness.- Krish K. Madembeth

Forgive yourself first and forgive others too. 

It's isn't that easy at all and the most difficult thing to do in this life.

Because punishing others or troubling others is very easy . Forgiving others needs the highest form of courage to do so. 

The cycle of karma will take care of your detractors. Forgive and start your life.

This  attitude is the beginning towards an peaceful inner journey. 

No  pills alone work for inner issues. We need to take a feather and soothe the heart to solve it - Krish K. Madembeth

 It took me almost five decades to understand it but that's the truth. Forgiveness is godly act. Forgive and set your grudges free and work towards inner peace. Only when the sea is free from storm can the ship sail freely.


10. Be in open arms to "help others" in need.

Helping other's is like throwing a rubber ball against the wall, it rebounds with full force. 

The good Karma will rebound in full force.

It comes back in different ways  and different forms with full force. That's the basic truth. 

By helping one another, this world will become beautiful place to live.

"The sooner one liberates from the concept of I, me, myself, and merges with the universal being, the happier life will be." - Krish K. Madembeth


 Help all. Become a PsyYogi and set yourself free.


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PS: PsyYoga is recommended for people who accept and abide by the above ten prescribed basic postulates