I Welcome You 
To Start Your Inward Yoga Journey!


  PsyYogi @ PsyYoga.org

I Train Self-driven, Soul-led Individuals to reach their Pinnacle by removing their Emotional and Psychological blocks through PsyYoga®

I am also your host of the PsyYoga® podcast (coming soon).

I’m  incredibly passionate about helping People in a way that creates Blissful Living,  Experience True Happiness and Inner Freedom in their Life. 

If I am able to bring about some small positive change  through my teachings and touch someone's life who is in need, I would have achieved my mission.

A mission to do my little bit towards a Better World, during my stay on this Planet Earth.

 Wherein, each one of us live in Brotherhood and Peace in a Conflict Free World embracing Diversity and a Conflict free body and soul, which I always envisage in my thoughts, dreams and now its my mission too.

I formulated the concept of  PsyYoga® Intended for the betterment of one and all.

I Whole Heartedly Welcome You!

Yoga is Life in Full Bloom - Krish K. Madembeth

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PS: PsyYoga.org is a not for profit blog