About PsyYoga and FAQ

1. What is PsyYoga?

PsyYoga® is  an acronym for "Psychological Yoga®" and is affiliated with mental health and well-being, not physical Yoga exercises.

PsyYoga  is a  simple system of Yoga that outlines holistic methods for maintaining good mental health through psychological well-being by facilitating the experience of everlasting bliss and pure happiness in life. 

PsyYoga is inner yoga designed for individuals to find balance at the psychological level. 

2. Our Mission

We stand for positive psychological transformation through the consistent practice of the PsyYoga  System. 

Our mission is directed towards helping people to maintain psychological well-being by breaking down their mental health barriers and empowering them with tools and inspiring them to experience pure happiness and everlasting bliss in life as a free service.

3. What PsyYoga is Not?

 PsyYoga is not just physical yoga or yoga poses. 

PsyYoga is isn't about spirituality, morality, lifestyle, or motivational discourses, and it is not rooted in any religion or religious practices. 

PsyYoga is not about a Guru addressing hundreds of people on the topic of enlightenment. 

4. How does PsyYoga vary from traditional Yoga practices?

PsyYoga is a practical, short, personal and is tailored for the individual-level practice.  PsyYoga is designed to help individuals experience genuine happiness and bliss within themselves thus allowing them to emotionally feel free and unburdened to take on the challenges of our daily life.

PsyYoga is a concise and personalized approach, crafted for individual-level practice. It aims to facilitate a genuine sense of happiness and bliss within individuals, empowering them to feel emotionally liberated and unencumbered, thus enabling them to navigate the challenges of daily life with greater ease.

5.Who can practice PsyYoga?

PsyYoga is tailored to individuals from varied backgrounds aiming to maintain a consistent psychological equilibrium. Beyond its relevance to individuals, the practice holds potential benefits for present-day managerial executives, corporations, and professionals.

In the post-pandemic corporate landscape, it is imperative that the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into decision-making has become standard practice. Consequently, the adoption of PsyYoga is highly recommended for both individuals and corporate entities, serving as a valuable tool to navigate the complexities of contemporary life. 

6. Who is called a  PsyYogi?

The Person or the Yogi who practices the PsyYoga System is called as PsyYogi®

7. What are three Core beliefs of PsyYogi? 

The practitioner of PsyYoga  (also known as PsyYogi) is grounded in the following three core beliefs:

(i)  PsyYogi must follow the fundamental principles of universal bliss, love, tolerance, diversity, and empathy for all of nature's creations, not provoke divisions or cause harm.

(ii) PsyYogi believes that any shift toward a diverse and tolerant world must commence from within oneself.

(iii) PsyYogi embrace the ancient Vedic concept of  'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' which basically embraces the whole world, its people, flora, fauna, and all of the beautiful creations as one single family. This family comes above everything. Above our nationality, our race, our religion or our culture. 

8.  What is the concept of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" ? 

The "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" origin 600 BCE (Sanskrit: वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम. from “vasudha” - the earth; “iva” - is; and “kutumbakam” - family) is a Sanskrit phrase that denotes that "The World Is One Single Family."

The ancient Vedic sages has said "The entire world is truly just one family." - The world is like a small, tightly knit family with diverse regions, religions, cultures and languages. 

The Vedas were composed during 600 BCE and handed down orally over a period of about 10 centuries, from about the 15th to the 5th century BC and are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India and is composed in Vedic Sanskrit.

We at PsyYoga  call this concept of "Vasudhaiva kutumbakam" as:

"Connected Souls ®" : Meaning we are all interconnected souls of one large family on our planet Earth. 

All the living organisms in our environment, encompassing both plant life (flora) and animal life (fauna), share a common ancestry and interconnected roots. 

The in-depth examination of DNA in contemporary scientific research has revealed correlations and similarities among all living entities to an large extent. 

At  PsyYoga , we believe that this similarity provides us with a profound understanding that underscores the fundamental interconnectedness of all life forms. 

In essence, this similarities amongst all creations represents a basic comprehension facilitated by the advancements in the study of genetics supports  the evidence of "Vasudhaiva kutumbakam" envisaged by sages centuries ago.

This similarity can also be seen among stars, planets and other telestial creations throughout our universe. Amazing!

"The core belief of 'connected souls' is the basis and the foundation for peaceful coexistence on earth among all its inhabitants living together peacefully and blissfully." - PsyYoga.org  


9. What is the purpose of PsyYoga?

The purpose is to help us appreciate our life,  the whole of life forms, promote positive thoughts, to aid in healing our inner wounds and the wounds in the hearts of others affected by the events in this world, and to imbue ourselves and others with abundant joy.

Our Earth is a small blue dot in this vast, infinite universe. Yes. Nothing more.

Our human lifespan, compared to the light years of this universe, is exceedingly minuscule.

 Despite this, the human race has engaged in more wars for the sake of religions than for any other reason. 

As a consequence of these conflicts, humanity has suffered in unprecedented ways. 

Future generations must recognize that diversity is a natural law. 

The idea of having only one religion, one culture, or one language worldwide won't be possible. 

Uniformity is shunned by nature as it promotes diversity and connectedness.

Nature doesn't like to have only one type of tree or animal in a forest, is not practical. 

It's crucial for people to understand this and change their ways before humanity is entirely consumed by religious, racial or regional divisions. What significance do they hold when Earth itself is a pale blue dot in the vast spectrum of our universe. 

This is the primary belief system of a PsyYogi. 

PsyYoga is not intended for fame, adulation, financial gain, awards, trophies, or the pursuit of glory and legacy. 

"PsyYoga is solely about discovering blissful living within ourselves and sharing it with those around us to contribute to the creation of a beautiful society."

At PsyYoga.org, our sole purpose is to engage in meaningful work, to serve, inspire, and heal. 

We aim to heal the world from the turmoil within and around us by assisting people through the practice of PsyYoga in managing their psyche and opening up their hearts to avoid atrocities committed on the human race globally.

Our true purpose is to enable the 'Power of the Psyche®' in people to work for them, not against them.

To  help them understand that:

 "This short life is both magical and a gift bestowed on us by nature." 

Humanity 2.0 :

In summary, all our endeavor at PsyYoga.org is an sincere attempt to elevate humanity to     " Humanity 2.0® " 

What is Humanity 2.0 - 

Humanity 2.0 is the next level of human existence wherein we envision a society that is more diverse, tolerant, climate-conscious, and joyful inside. Fostering a populace that coexists and prospers without the burden of wars, conflicts, and the misapplication of technology. Bridging differences through the pursuit of psychological harmony, encapsulated in the concept we call as  "The Connected Souls" a philosophy known as "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" in Sanskrit.


10. The Mission of PsyYoga at the individual level

The primary mission of PsyYoga at the individual level is to maintain good mental and emotional health by living  in a Blissful State

What is the core principle of PsyYoga?

The core principle of PsyYoga  is "Start with Bliss®" 

That means "Start Every Activity from a Blissful State" this teaching is at the core of PsyYoga.

Blissful state is achieved, when pain and pleasure is harmonized, loss and gain is harmonized.

It's a psychological harmony, and Yoga is for affirmation of that harmony into the self.

We know anger damages relationships, yet we ignite at times.

We know stress hurts, yet we're stressed most of the time.

We know anxiety is bad, yet we're anxious, uncertainty adds fuel to it.

Because, there is no way to embed what we know onto our psyche system so that, situations are handled by our psyche in auto-pilot mode, the way we had wanted it.

It's essential to note that, in the realm of behaviors, only prevention is effective; postmortem analysis is not helpful.

Through the practice of PsyYoga, the benefit lies in the automatic activation of the right action for a given circumstance, eliminating the need for external or forceful intervention, such as relying on 'willpower,' which is prone to failure in the long run.

 11. Usage of PsyYoga

(a) 'PsyYoga Affirmations' will help engrave the strong positive affirmations into the subconscious, so one can live the way, one intended to be, in auto pilot, without gaps in one's knowledge and the real practice.  

 (b) PsyYoga can also be practiced as an excellent premeditation ritual to do before sitting for meditation. This could aid to bring one to a meditative state of the mind, and help to de-clutter the mind psychologically, and remove the inner chaotic noises that bring imbalances and turmoil inside of us.


12. A Brief Introduction to The PsyYoga System  

We know about the yoga of the body (the various yoga asanas), yoga of the mind (meditation) but, can we do something to alter, the not so good areas of our psyche, that sometimes disturb us from experiencing pure happiness, and bliss in life? 

For ages we know, the Hatha Yoga takes care of the realms of the body, and Raja Yoga the mind, the body, and the mind are by-and-large the same for most of us living in a particular culture or demography.  

There's something else that needs attention, the one that is unique to us: Our Psychology.   

Our psychology is unique to us, and it depends upon our life experiences that we'd go through in this journey called life. 

No two person's life journey is the same, hence no two person's psychology is the same. - Krish K. Madembeth. 

 That's why - no two people are the same either.

Some people are lucky to have gone through the best circumstances in life and hence their resultant psyche which they have automatically built based on their life experience is also the best. 

They are lucky, already happy and blissful.

PsyYoga is not meant for them. 

Generally speaking. They can live their best way. Not need to alter it. 

But some people end-up having to live with not so likeable psyche that they have built all through their life, that's what the sum of their life experiences have finally molded it for them.

 Now, challenging and correcting those resultant negative life experiences that's impacting the mental health and obstructing growth of the individual is where PsyYoga aims to contribute. 

During a crises, most people aren't looking for only physical health or their mental health alone.  

They seek psychological solace, some peace, self-acceptance, and inner well-being. 

For them, that inner emptiness, dissatisfaction and hollowness must go, and must be replaced with some feeling of fullness, some peace and some happiness.  

The material world might have soothed them a bit but didn't fully help them either. 

Look at some of the people who get addicted to substance abuse, some of them fall prey to the pleasures of their senses fully knowing that committing excesses is not healthy while they basically are designed for moderation.  

They were physically strong too. Their acts didn't to the damage, the excesses did it. Their psychological harmony is in an altered state and their inner control lost. 

Think of those who take the extreme step to end their own life and succumb to suicides, its number one killer today among the young worldwide.

Quoting wikipedia "An estimated 1 million people worldwide die by suicide every year. Globally, suicide ranks among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15–44 years."

When we observe most of them who succumb to suicides weren’t physically or mentally weak either. They were in fact stronger than most people to arrive at such a bold decision.  

One needs courage to die.  

What they needed was psychological well-being. To harmonize their inner pains and pleasures of living. Their life's losses and their gains so as to help find new direction in their life. 

What if we can practice to exercise and keep not only our body and mind but our psyche in shape?  It will be of huge gain which our physical or our mental faculties  can't really provide us. - PsyYoga.org 

Through harmony of the Psyche, a Blissful State is achieved. 

The core principle of PsyYoga that is "To Start Every Activity from a Blissful State." 

Everything in PsyYoga revolves around the fundamental and transformative concept of starting every action of ours from a blissful state say, from morning the moment we wake up till we fall asleep in the night. 

PsyYoga intends to do just that, and help the needy wholeheartedly in a very simple easy and in a special way. 


13. Can Children Practice PsyYoga? 


PsyYoga is not recommended for children below 15 years of age.

Children are the most beautiful pearls of  our society, and are naturally bustling with joy and happiness. 

They generally don't need any external intervention or orientation in their psychological growth. It is best they learn, experience and manifest into their own psychological self to become their best possible adult. 

14. Is PsyYoga a series of Yoga Asanas? 

No. PsyYoga is not just yoga asanas. It is purely about the harmony of our psyche. 

The PsyYoga System consists of just three simple yoga poses or asanas 

These combined with breathing techniques, and mental assertion / visualization ( which needs to be practices fifteen minutes each) will help the practitioner attain harmony in one's psychology, and help one Start Every Action From a Blissful State. 

A few meditating poses are included only for enhancing the experience, and to also serve as a pre-meditative ritual. 

15. Is PsyYoga a physical fitness exercise ? 


PsyYoga is not a physical fitness exercise however a stress free, and happy mind results in an enhanced physical health.

For physical fitness, an harmonious psyche is an essential prerequisite.  An harmonized psyche, and an healthy body has a correlation. 

16 .Is PsyYoga a spiritual or religious based system?


PsyYoga is not a spiritual system or religious system.

PsyYoga is not affiliated to any religious practices and it only endorses Divinity not Spirituality.

It's all about pure understanding of human psychology and bringing in harmony. 

However, we believe, it's best to acknowledge the existence of a governing power above all, that guides, all living and non-living matter in the scheme of our universe that we call as Divinity.  Every human is essentially Devine in nature but spirituality is a choice.

17. Does PsyYoga practice prescribe a specific diet? 


PsyYoga does not specify any particular dietary practice.  

But, as a general recommendation, an sattvic diet regimen, one that places emphasis on juices, water, seasonal food, nuts and fruits is recommended for a calm mind, and a cheerful spirit. 

18. What PsyYoga.org website is all about? 

This site made with Google and we would like to keep it simple and secure. This site presents the teachings of  the author about Psychology, Yoga and PsyYoga in a blog format for easy assimilation of knowledge.  

The Psyche section is all about basic tips to benefit the reader, and its presented in a simple point wise reading that will help in remembrance and simple in nature. 

The Yoga section details lots of specific information on Yoga and it's intricacies at a Physical and Mental level. 

The PsyYoga section will be of a slightly higher level with unique new concepts and contents. The author aims to explore the level at which an amalgamation of Yoga and Psyche happens and is aimed at Psychological Level. 

19. How can one teach the PsyYoga System?

 If one wishes to teach the PsyYoga System, one has to learn the complete system thoroughly, and also take a written consent from the founder at PsyYoga.org.


20. The PsyYoga Foundation

The PsyYoga Foundation aims to set up a full-fledged functional center for deep meditation and for identifying and helping the people who need help the most like prisons, rehabs, elderly etc., . This is still under implementation level. 

 Both PsyYoga.org and The PsyYoga Foundation are intended as purely non-profits (not for profits), and intents to strive hard wholeheartedly, and do our best for the goodness of the people and the world at large

 21. How can you participate or support the foundation?

 You may support the form either in-person as voluntary (use contact-us page to communicate).


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Intricacies and the principles of tranquil life are discussed here from the author's own learning and understanding perspective. 

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"Pebbles Transformation®" - Is a transformation concept conceived by the founder, presented with some transformational quotes, blog, everyday wisdom for work and life. 

Pebbles Transformation has a little story attached to it. This happened during some silent moments in the shores that the founder has picked his own inspiration to life and living from pebbles. Just Imagine, when a small, rough and strong stone can transform to a smooth, round, beautiful and colorful pebble by the soft action of water or sand over long period of time, then imagine the promise human potential hold, and the power of transformation that is possible within all of us to lead a blissful life, constant practice towards this end can bring out the best in all of us. 

 We believe, our world will be a great place to inhabit, if only it's inhabitants have healthy values in life, respect and uphold the priciples of tolerence and truth. And above all, inculcate healthy physical and moral practices in life.


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PS: Let's get inspired by humanity and ideas, not perfection alone. The contents herein are not professionally edited, linguistic errors if any on this site is regretted.
Note: All views expressed herein are the authors own. Please read complete disclaimer, terms and conditions before practicing .  Please contact us over email or use our contact form if you have any further queries.
Special Thanks: The Author wishes to place a special thanks to Google for facilitating a simple, safe and easy medium for publishing content.
You are requested to comments. share and participate, press the mail icon below to share.