The Nature's Law of Diversity Equilibrium

- Krish K. Madembeth.

"Nature strives for Diversity in all of her creations. If we perpetrate or propagate  to establish sameness throughout the world then that will result in "Bad Karma." 

This bad Karma will get accumulated in the world and will circulate around the world. Someday, it will show up somewhere else in the world in the form of massive violence or uncontrollable natural disaster.

Due to this, millions of other innocent people will suffer. It's like Nature punishing the whole of humanity for the mistakes of few. Because, Nature prefers peace, diversity and unity in all it's creations and not monopoly.

Where sameness exits, Nature will split them into two or more groups. This is the Nature's Law of Diversity Equilibrium. The world cannot be made "unipolar" with one type of people, one type of bee, bird, one type of tree or one belief system. 

Many magnificent  personalities have tried it in the past and have failed miserably. Even if they do succeed to some extent, it's only for a brief period in the timeline of history, and then  everything will become mixed and go back to earlier format.  

Hence, for a peaceful world to exist, we need to stop accumulating bad Karma across the world by understanding that we all live on one  round rock that is floating in thin air without any support, on our unique planet "Earth," and that no one of us is too big or too small in front of Nature, irrespective of our  belief systems and embrace "Diversity" as a gift from Mother Nature and jointly resolve to co-exist in unity like all other diverse species. 

Only then, will our Earth turn into a paradise, an Heaven on Earth for each one of us" 


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