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PsyYogi - Emotion Mastery Part-1

Preventing Emotional Excesses.

"The mysteries of our lives are the real treasures to be unravelled." -

Our emotions are the most beautiful aspect of us, without which we are just mechanical robots, yet, it's the most vulnerable part us. Our emotions can make or break us depending upon our mastery over them.

People who are prepared to handle the harsh realities of life, face to face, aren't simply the lucky ones. They have made themselves to be so. Overcome their fears to see things through.

They have put in time, efforts, experiences, sacrifices, and subsequent conditioning to rise to this position.

They have experienced tough times themselves and are the ones who had taken the lead to face tougher situations when others simply hid away from it. They are also the ones who choose not to let go, but take things in their own hands, and make good happen for them, and for others. 

Their life is a series of trails and triumphs, they had to sometimes fight for their survival, face criticism, threats, al the while waging a war within themselves and facing its turbulences just to make something happen instead of being a bystander, ultimately, , all these adds up and after facing tons of challenges they are here, strong inside out. A true PsyYogi in spirit and deed.

Those are the real heroes, real the ones who deserve salute. They are the ones who silently triumph, and also live their dream while helping others in whatever ways possible by their active participation rather being a silent spectator.

We at PsyYoga applaud their spirit. The spirit of courage of 'The real People' to face the rough weathers of life, and yet find the resources to help others by lending their hand.

On the other end, we also find lots of people in our society both young and old always looking for ways to live their life in the fairy tale bubble.

Unexposed to the happenings, the storms and the lessons of life. They don't revolt even in the face of injustice meted out on them. These people always look for ways and shortcuts to escape from the harsh and difficult experiences of life. Yes, they may seem very lucky souls at first look but may not remain lucky always. Some of them may become prone to fragility, psychologically. Some vulnerable to some bigger issue someday and may need professional help. These things are quite possible. 

Life throws its challenges and its essential to get one prepared for all kinds of up's and down's in our bodies, relationships, aging, competition etc., For some, helicopter parenting is to be blamed for some other its comfort zone addiction. Exposing oneself to all weathers of life isn't bad, it makes one stronger. 

Look at the animals in the wild and the domesticated animals, we can instantly spot the difference, while one category is exposed, another concealed. Their built, behaviors, survival instincts, everything is so different in both cases. Nature is the best Teacher. No doubts about that.

We need to expose ourselves to the rains, the sunshine, the sunsets and the sunrises, the storms of life. Life throws various challenges too often, and it's not easy to handle all those challenges swiftly without experience and exposure, both good and bad, and everything isn't rosy at all stages on one’s existence.

I've always said, Experiences and Environments are needed to build one's psychology. 

"The stronger the experiences, and the environments of the person, the stronger is that person's psychology."

It's my Quote. Let it be.

But what I'm going to discuss here for the benefit of PsyYogi or the one who aspire to be a PsyYogi, is neither about escaping the storms of life nor about facing it.

I'm adding a new dimension to it.

In the sense, we can actually design the reality we want to be in, and live in that real reality. 

How to Create the real reality we want to live in?  


Creating the reality we want it to be in, is nothing but designing the way we want to respond to the world.  


No, I'm not talking about virtual reality, but about something more exciting called "Create the Real Reality®"

Is that Possible? The answer could be Yes!

Various researches in neuroscience over the years reveal this fantastic concept.

What is "Create the Real Reality" all about?

In simple terms:

"Create the real reality is to design the way we want to respond to the world and embed that into our psyche system for autopilot results."

I'm applying that concept in the practice of PsyYoga. To explain that concept:

I have mentioned in my various articles, that our unique experiences constitute our psychology, and the environment we live in impacts those experiences. 

"Our life is simply a reflection of our unique psychology."

No two people's experiences in life are the same. Thus, no two people's psychology are same too. 

Now, based on our distinct and unique psychology, we form our belief system. These belief systems are deeply embedded within us. 

We respond to the word based on that belief system. We also tend to learn and align all the knowledge that we have gained in life in line with our belief system, sometimes, both personally and professionally.

Our belief system becomes the roots to further our psychological growth. This completes the cycle and then repeats itself.

We usually respond to the world around us base on our belief system that we have embedded deep within ourselves.

Lets say for example, if respecting elders in our family is given prime importance, then this slowly becomes a part of our experiences thus contributing to our unique psychology and that gets deeply embedded into our psyche.

We tend to follow that system irrespective of what we are, what we become or where we are. We tend to unconditionally respect elders in our families, because that's imbibed in our deep psychology.

But it's not an ideal world anymore. Unfortunately. 

There could be times when everything that is imbibed in our belief system might suddenly cripple. 

An elderly person doesn't behave that way he/she is intended by us, pressure and the harsh realities of life takes the toll on some of them and they reflect it on us too.

At times, its something else that's short circuiting our belief system.

It could be due to some sudden or an unexpected loss we faced, or some sort of frustrations over negative results from our past decisions, or some dissatisfaction that has developed due to our own inactions on some matters of personal or professional importance.

At these times, it so happens that, we strongly believe in something, but go out and do something else. Our actions and our belief system does not sync.

We wanted to behave in a particular way but we might go haywire with our emotions and behave just the opposite based on our false assumptions or unaccepting ignorance or display sheer arrogance.

The embedded instructions have become disturbed.

To cite another example, we know that excess anger is a dangerous negative emotion.

Particularly when vented out on people those are dear to us, we never wanted to do it, yet at times, we tend to lose our temper on them.

"Sometimes our emotional currents are so strong that it overtakes our belief system."  -

Note that point, in those situations, our psychology acts in the opposite direction. And thus, may compel us to display excessive anger, which might turn out to be catastrophic to our relationships.

Now, we very well known that meting out that kind of anger on someone who is so beloved to us wasn't needed in the first place and actually it's isn't what we honestly intended to do.

But what to do, it happens that way, automatically(autopilot), without an opportunity for us to re-think, what we are about to do. 

A simple survival emotion has turned against us, and sometimes against our loved ones.

Though we very well know that's isn't right, yet we commit the mistake of excesses. The force needed to handle a jar made of glass and the one made of steel are not equal. While one needs the fineness and the other some power.  

We sometimes wonder, how and why the hell we did that? We can't believe we shouted, became violent or uttered hurting words.

Because words said in anger is more hurting. 

People may forget a slap, but not a hurting word that was accidently hurled at them.

"Preventing the excesses in emotions from happening is the primary goal of PsyYoga practice."

The primary foundational belief of PsyYoga is to condition our psyche system and balance it through simple tools and techniques that will help us bridge the gap between what we know, and what we do in various difficult situations. 

I bet, If this one concept in put to right use, there wouldn't be so many divorces happening in our society, and so many kids wouldn't be raised by a single parent denying the love, affection and care of the other partner.

This balance is what we strive to achieve through PsyYoga by a concept called the "PsyYoga affirmations" which is meant to embed what one knows already and one wants to be like into one's own psyche system. 

So that, those instructions are automatically executed in situations that warrant it, like the one I mentioned above paragraphs. 

Those instructions will act like a reflex thus preventing damage. Like airbags in a car that opens up during an impact to prevent loss of life. Like a fuse in an electric circuit, protecting from burnout during a short circuit. 

Those embedded instructions will save our relationship with our own self and with others on which our life is based.

Anger is just one example and many more emotions in excesses does more damage that many anticipate.

Reasons for anger might vary, we all know that we all get angry on others, but the catch here is that, no two people’s reasons or situations are the same. 

So there in no one step formula for all.

It all depends on their individual life's needs and wants an that moment, and is based on their unique psychology, that they have built  based on their unique experiences that they had exposed themselves to all through in their lives (sometime good, sometimes bad) compounded and influenced by the environment in which they were raised (loving, or distrust and harsh etc.,). 

So, the truth is that the 'Big' reason according to them, for their instant and excessive anger varies from person to person. 

It might appear quite simple and easy, but for people who face it on a day-to-day basis and sometimes lose their beloved relationships to the ravages of their anger, it's a big thing and sometimes a make-or-break thing for them.

Being aware of one's anger is most important and is the starting point to find ways to handle it. 

"PsyYoga methodology to handle anger involves awareness first and then isolate next." 

Now, how a PsyYogi can create a 'real reality' he or she wants in such a situation?

For instance, you don't want get angry with a person a specific reason and you know that reason very well, based on your psychology you are prone to derailing and deviate sometimes, now, embed the thought that you don't want to get angry on that particular person, come what may, into your psyche through "PsyYoga Affirmations." 

And when a particular angry situation does arise, your embedded instructions activate automatically, and saves you from falling prey to ravages of your anger bouts.

"Controlling negative emotions, and excesses in emotions, is the basic benefits of practicing PsyYoga."

Once you understand how to automate the actions that you actually intent to and want to happen in those situations you get closer to the reality you want to be in.

Close to a reality, where you respond to life's changes and challenges based on the way you want it to be responded, and not with frustrations or random burst of emotions. 

A reality where your heart speaks directly to people's hearts, wherein you'll be loved and adored.

A reality where-in the dualities and the extremes of life are perfectly smoothened-out, and life becomes easy, and beautiful once again.

Happy Days! 

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Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at and Pebbles Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email:

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