Heal Your Life Through PsyYoga.

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Heal Your Life

Through the daily practice of PsyYoga

The simple system of Yoga that has tremendous potential to re-connect within, heal our bruised psyche and help us lead a blissful life.

Happy Psyche:

Lucky are those who built their best psyche, that happened as a result of living their best life undergoing the best experiences life has offered them.

Born into a warm and beautiful cradle with abundant love to adore their childhood and then the best of everything thereafter in their adult life. They are truly blessed.

PsyYoga is not designed for them. They can be their best way and lead their best life without any intervention. 

Troubled psyche:

But also look at the other side. The people living with a let's call it  'troubled psyche'

Can you imagine 'The Heartache' 'The grief' 'The pain' that people continuously feel when they have to live with a troubled psyche.

It didn't happen naturally,  they built it that way over the years with some not so pleasant childhood and adulthood experiences that ultimately molded theirs into an troubled psyche.

Why Heal?

"Troubled psyche hurts. Really hurts non-stop."

Healing is necessary for the troubled-psyche.

Success comes out of deep work; thus healing is needed to perform deep work. 

That simple. 

Why deep work?

Living in the modern world comes with its own challenges. 

While all of us strive for happiness; life in turn has us immersed in never ending loops of distraction preventing us to do deep work.

Only deep work in any chosen field would result to fruition. 

Shallow work returns shallow results.

Deep work needs sustained focus, consistency coupled with dedication.

Dedication and consistency alone lays the foundation for deep work.

For most people, one needs to dedicate their time and all that they have got, consistently, for a longer period of time to achieve something meaningful in this competitive world. That's the realistic  approach.

Such dedicated and consistent efforts won't go waste.

The results of deep work will reveal itself. It's difficult to conceal it for a long time and needs no publicity what-so-ever. It will show up anyway.

It's stands true in any chosen field, be it taking care of ones body, excelling in arts, sports,  management etc.,  et all.

To that end, we all aspire to stay focused, and accomplish something that's more valuable to us.

Most of us do know that dedication and consistency is the basic keys to progress. But yet, the troubled psyche, like many among us, either fail exactly in that department, giving in the amount of dedication or consistency needed to excel. 

Mostly, the temper in their resolve isn't that strong enough, why is it that way? 

Have you noticed, while for the happy-psyche people its a cakewalk; they seem to be naturally dedicated and consistent at whatever they pursue. 

It comes naturally to them, they posses a natural swag to do difficult things without the need to put-in so much efforts to begin or sustain. 

Everything moves so effortlessly for them. No drama, no heartbreaks. 

Their work flows naturally. And so is their success. It simple follows them chasing them all the time. Because not only they have the ability to perform deep work, they can strike at the right time, their are problem free to respond to a need even before it arises thus making the maximum benefit as a result.

Lets call the happy-psyche category as psyche-lucky.

What makes them different? The answer is that they aren't most talented or skilled; every one are these days are. 

The only thing is that they have freed themselves from physical, mental and emotional pains of living in this modern society. 

Their mind is clear and crystal clean without their past baggage bogging them down and thus they are in a state to focus on their inner linking at the right time.


'No pain, no gain' is an old paradigm, now it's 'No inner pain and all gain.' 


When our body, mind and emotions are well balanced, and when there's no external or internal pains; no hollowness or unresolved issues, dedication and consistency follows naturally. 

The mind becomes free and acts like a cradle, it can conceive and bring out al the things of ones liking.

This is what happens to happy-psyche category discussed above.

But for the troubled-psyche category, that many among us might belong to, getting rid of the inner and outer pains will the first step towards paving for dedication and consistency. Thus laying the foundation for success. Then they can also respond to success giving tasks at the right time when it arises.

Thus. there is a intrinsic need to heal first.  Otherwise one can only experience a few bursts of small, occasional successes, that too, achieved by giving everything into it. 

"The journey to success in ones endeavors needn't be painful." 

For success to be sweet, the inner pains that stands in between must be healed first. That some kind of inner vacuum must go.

PsyYoga is a simple method that helps one to recognize and fill those inner vacuum and eliminate the pains.

So, at the individual level, one can stop fighting the silent inner battles, and jubilantly start to venture out onto something close to one's heart with full dedication and consistency.

Results show up over a period of time. They say when it rains, it pours. 

Likewise, when results shows up as a result of deep work that is jubilantly done; success pours down, whether one asks for it or not.

There's nothing that cannot be achieved  with dedication and consistent efforts. Human race has over and over demonstrated it. Startup founders and today's businesses knows the importance of persistence.

But for that to happen, the starting point towards the success journey is  of prime importance.

One needs to start from the point of  'painlessness

PsyYoga is designed exactly for that purpose.

PsyYoga prescribes to 'Start every activity from a blissful state' 

The marvelous and revolutionary simple methodology that has the power to alter things at the root level.

Imagine someone has behaved harshly towards you and you respond to that person from a blissful state, you get less hurt, the intent of the other person to hurt you is instantly vaporized and you take over the power. 

Unhurt, as a PsyYogi, you 'start your activity from a blissful state' 

From a painless state.

Results and success is thus guaranteed. You win.

That's the power and mantra of PsyYoga.

Because, in that blissful state, you can put-in the dedication and consistency needed to achieve success in any endeavor.

You can't change everything, you can't correct everyone's behavior towards you.

And again, if you are having trouble walking the path you have chosen for yourself,  remember, its necessary to heal yourself at the  psyche level first.

Just fifteen minutes of PsyYoga, twice a day can, do wonders to stall the ravaging distractions, and inconsistencies of the mind. 

Can all this be accomplished easily through PsyYoga? Yes.

This can be achieved by understanding our true self, by gaining self knowledge and some practice.

"Gain Clarity, unlock your best self, experience bliss and pure happiness through the daily practice of PsyYoga."

PsyYoga.org is the iteration of this concept. A non-profit entity, with the short-term goals of extending healthy psyche for the practitioner and a long term mission to serve, to propagate universal love, brotherhood and tolerance.

"Bliss happens when there is a perfect balance of our thoughts and our emotions." - PsyYoga.org

 Can you relate with the heartache, the grief, the pain that you would feel to live daily with a not so happy psyche? What are your thoughts and experiences in this regard? Mail us at krish@psyyoga.org 

Happy days!

Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at PsyYoga.org and Pebbles Transformation.org. Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email: krish@psyyoga.org

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