Reality Check - It's Time to Heal

Healing -  As a Society is an Urgent Need...


Alongside all the technological progress and the shrinking of the world in terms of its reach and speed, we live in troubled times.

There's exist a different kind of a duality dividing our planet. The extremely rich on the one side and the extremely poor on the other. There's inequality in every aspect of human existence on our planet today, be it social, economic or say racial.

Freedom and abundance, seem to be just on paper and in the domain of the law makers.


In reality lots of people are having a bad time.

Covid apart, more and more people seem to be unhappy.  

In-fact, human race is witnessing a depressing time in a different sense, though, the last three centuries were all dotted in history books with wars, famines and diseases, we now face a different kind of a problem: Intolerance, violence, economic disparity, lack of morals in society and above all losing one's self to the chaos of the information explosion era. 

If we look closely, we can observe a definite pattern in the events that are occurring.

Some of those triggers causing massive human distress are listed below for the purpose of introspection.

 1. Conflicts and Displacements

The Intolerance Wave is Sweeping Nations:

  • Has given rise to people fleeing violence (Has doubled during the last 10 years)
  • Has resulted in the displacement of more than 80 million people worldwide according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • Many of them were pushed out of their homes and many more thrown out of their country.
  • This has resulted in mass forced displacement.
  • Negative trends like violence, persecution, conflict, human rights violations causing disrupting public order are on the rise.
  • Though the UN Secretary General called for a ceasefire in early March 2020 to slow down the spread of the Covid virus, people were forces to flee resulting in widespread infections across the globe.
  • Another big challenge is the internally displaced people (IDPS), according to the UN, around 48 million people are internally displaced ,whilst another 26 million were forced outside their countries and are considered as refugees.
  • International intervention and protection were extended to less a million people and stands at around 0.76 million according to the UN.
  • The majority of the displaced people were left to fend for themselves.
  • The internally displaced people are inside their own countries due to various man made reasons like armed conflicts and general violence's stood at over 48 million people, that doesn't include the people displaced due to climate impact or natural disasters.
  • Most affected countries include, Syria (6.6 million), Venezuela (4 million), Afghanistan (2.5 million), South Sudan (2 million), Myanmar (1.1 million) and many more.
  • This massive displacement also gave rise to an increase in stare less people to the tune of 4.2 million. They weren't considered as nationals of any country by the year end of 2021.
  • This has resulted in massive mental and psychological turmoil for millions, thus needing both physical and mental support for their well being. 


2.  Climate Change

"Climate Change is Real."

The consequences of climate change has caused unprecedented damages to our eco system and innumerable human sufferings in the recent past.

To be continued....