1. Seek Transformation.

The starting point for growth varies from individual to individual. 

Some get a head start, some get to start very late due to their varying circumstances. Success is a nothing but the journey not just the end result. 

A journey towards transformation from where we started and to become something we desired, that's is the key for a satisfying and purpose filled career.

Purpose filled career means to create some meaningful work.

Aim transformation, not growth. In growth one remains the same person where 'as in transformation, we are a changed person, changed into a better human.

Seek skill, if the need be, little by little and transform.

Refer to the 'Pebbles Transformation Technique' a PsyYogi's method to embrace transformation for better results.

2. Show up.

Be there, when needed, for your people, for your community. Physical presence and timely presence matters in the realms of service. A person who is engrossed in his or her personal life always cannot serve others. 

Giving or sharing can be in job and career too. Gifting one's knowledge to others through teaching could also be an act of service.

3. Don’t be ordinary.

Now the question arises, why be extraordinary?

Being ordinary presents ordinary experience and putting that extra efforts results in extraordinary experience in life and work.

That emphasis the fact that :"It's all about experiences one goes through in this journey called life," that differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Shun excuses, never look back or regret or get discouraged by failures, just be bold and perform to your best abilities. Never give-up. You need not be the best at everything and every time. Re-kindle the fire you carry in your belly to excel through inspirations and aspirations. Light up the  entrepreneurial spirit in you and lead.

Don't fight competition, become remarkable and for that shun sameness and seek transformation and wisdom even in your job or career, because that's where the maximum time is spent.

4. Gain new perspective

Gaining a beautiful perspective about everything in life is a big gift.
It's again a result of all the accomplishments, failures, grind, colleagues etc.

We need to be thankful for the opportunity to work. Many do not have one.

Design something, start something, create something and experience the change in perspective it offers.

They say attitude is everything, Perspective to life and living sets that attitude. A view from the hilltop gives us a different picture to the scheme of things in our mind rather than getting blocked by feeble issues.

Helping a client achieve his or her dream is also satisfying to the helper too. It's binds passion and purpose in our work.

5. Reflect what you stand for, what you believe in and make it the differentiator in your work.

Everything is taken, crowd is everywhere, how do we standout in our work in such a situation.

There's skill and many people are skilled too. Let your work be the reflection of you, what you stand for and what you believe in. Your work will be noticed.

Leverage the meeting point of skills and values and this combination is potent enough to propel.

Articulate your values in everything you do and see the difference, see the transformation unfolding. Let the power of your larger purpose take over.

6. Work is for lifelong.

People want to retire soon if their work is sluggish and boring. They want to give excuses and tide against the daily inertia to approach their work.

The shorter work week and retiring very early is a myth and is simply not practical or achievable for most people.

Approaching one's work as a life long commitment does two things:

1. It gives time and space to re-do, recover, evolve and perfect it.

2. It provides in the much needed stability in life.

Can I multitask? Can I do multiple thinks? Can I side hustle?

Yes! Do it all. 

Doing one thing for life can be boring, obsolete and limiting. It could squeeze one to suffocate. Experiment with many type of work but work. Humans are designed to move, to work else they atrophy and atrophy is a slow death.

7. Follow principle over chasing money.

Principles in one's life is the guiding force. What kind of work to do? Can I do this too? is all guided by one's principles. At the end of the day, it's not the cushion thickness of the bed that matters, it's the peaceful sleep that's a blessing.

Having principles in work drives one to discover a larger purpose for doing that work. 

I have some friends in the startup world who all made some big money too soon and still we get together once in while, they seem to endorse moderation, their take is after earning a considerable amount of money the threshold is achieved and then it doesn't matter whether we earn more or not. Little things in life and relationships  becomes more valuable. 

Let your principles guide you as a PsyYogi to achieve more authentic success. 

Happy Days!

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