Six Habits That Helps Improve Mental Health Drastically.

"Mental health is a journey. We have the good days, we have some okay days and we have lots of bad days too."


For Most people life goes on like this...

While we remember and cherish our good old days, we easily forget our okay days, next thing we remember are our bad days. 

The key is to convert our bad days into okay days and our okay days into good days at the least.  

Life is a promising journey for a lucky few, while for some others it's a never-ending game of struggle for survival. 

The odds apart, it's all in the mind: The way we think and make out of everything life provides us with. 

Success lies in handling our bad day's and make it a promising journey enabling us to walk cheerfully towards our larger mission of life. 

This conversion comes naturally for some people, they are lucky, they tide over anything and everything without any modifications or interventions.

They are immune to the negativity around, but for some others, minor lifestyle modifications during that time can have a big impact on their mental health. 

"We are made of cells but our personality is groomed by our habits and daily routines." - 

Listed below are some tips that has the ability to put one back on track:

1. Get outdoor

The morning sky and the beautiful ray of sunlight striking your garden is an fulfilling sight to see, the first thing when you wake up.

Take a stroll outside of your room and get a glimpse of the morning sky. 

Take a close look at the freshly born leaves in your garden, maybe if you're lucky, look into some freshly bloomed flowers too. 

Nature does something to the soothe the soul like no other. 

The glimpse of the bright beautiful day outside acts like medicine and gives a calming effect in our minds and boosts our spirit.

2. Write

People in writing professions are known to benefit immensely from writing during the morning hours.

Writing clears the mind of confusions and gives satisfaction to the writer.

Mornings are the time when fresh ideas oozes out of the mind and  pours in onto the paper, the flow is tremendous as the mind is fresh and free.

Profession apart, just writing a journal with gratitude is all that is needed to swing back and give enough ammunition to take on the day.

Working on your own thing will make you feel genuinely useful to others and  joy from writing gives you a feeling of building something for your future. It's very fulfilling too. 

Write to teach — helping other humans makes us feel useful, helping others to solve a problem is what drives me more, helps me do more. 

This feeling of usefulness does wonders for our mental well-being.

Writing also includes reading too. Embracing and leaning new things, taking up some courses. starting something new and exciting. 

 3. Drink Water / Cleanse 

In the PsyYoga system, we recommend you to drink six glasses of warm (freshly boiled) water with half a lemon juice squeezed into it with a pinch of salt added – drink it every morning in empty stomach. 

This unique water therapy is developed and recommended by the founder for the PsyYogi and has proven to cleanse and heal one's body. 

It helps to wash out all the toxins and clearing the blows, hunger sets in after two hours of drinking this water. 

The stomach gets ready for taking in breakfast enthusiastically and thus helps our mood to stays cheerful throughout the day. 

It's a simple yet powerful habit.

4. Plan for the Day

In random living, we end up facing and solving random issues and loosing sight of our important goals for the day. They get buried in the noise. 

Thus, it's best to plan for the day — Schedule the stressors early on and finish it off quickly so that you have cool time left for other beautiful things to do for the day. 

I use notes app on my mobile to quickly prioritize the activities for the day and to ensures that I don't miss out on the dates and tasks that mattered most to me.

5. Do PsyYoga Daily

Doing PsyYoga for 15 minutes daily helps set ones perspective.

PsyYoga helps one to get perspective, helps one to zoom into our life. 

Reflecting on one's life for a while everyday adds value to our existence, and also helps us understand our true strengths and weaknesses. 

PsyYoga clears the psyche and balances the psyche through the process called PsyBalance®

6. Celebrate often

Having some occasion to look forward to is so magical for the mental health and wellbeing of the individual.

Good anticipation improves mood. 

It makes us sustain and to live to see that moment unfold, that day to come, that's how the system works.

Celebrations needn't  be big, even a smaller celebration has an equalizing effect. That's why we have so many festivals in every culture. It's a proven system. 

Celebrate small wins; celebrate every personal milestone achieved. 

Celebrations also helps to set personal goals — Some people get inspired to get into swimming, running, fitness or other hobbies. It’s liberating to celebrate and experience it's joys with family and friends.

These little celebration make life worth living.

Happy Days!

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Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at and Pebbles Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email:

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