Succeed Blisfullly - True Success Lingers in the Heart

 Being Blissfully Successful


Success at any endeavor is the reward nature gives for those people who have mastered the art of escaping from the gravity of the many pleasurable moments of distraction and chose to preserve, to stick to their true ideals, and follow their chosen path that lead them to where they wanted to go in their life. 

Success is in the state of being. 
It's felt in the heart.  
 True success lingers in the heart. 
When success goes into the mind, ego takes over, and disaster looms henceforth.

Real success has to be meaningful inside of us, in our hearts and must manifest outside of us from within.  Success is like a sprawling tree with deep roots inside the soil, thus true happiness can spring outwards.

Success in the mind centers around one's ego. Our mind being the Centre of our ego.

Real success must be rooted inside our heart strongly and manifested outside beautifully and fruitfully. -

The secret is success isn't complicated either, it's simpler like all things in nature of value is simpler too, like the water, the wind, the clouds, the rain, the sunshine, all of them is in their simplest and purest format yet beautiful.

What we talk here are rather very simple but has proven to have transformational powers. 

Anything transformational has to be simpler, easy to understand and practice. 

Only simple things can be consistently practiced, as they cross the procrastination threshold easily. Anything complex is difficult for the normal human brain  to consistently do and hence is bound to fail in the long run.

In the Pebble's Transformation series, we bring you simpler yet easier ways to comprehend and practice transformational techniques that are very simpler, practical and useful.

Speaking of success, it's a sweet and rewarding outcome of the certain factors.  Success may be a complex outcome; but the main four ingredients that leads us towards success are in simple terms are:

(1) The forces of Karma.

(2) Brevity and Intelligence.

(3) Constancy of Purpose and Sincerity.

(4) The ability to preserve against all odds with our inner strength and our self-mastery.

1. The Invisible forces of Karma or Karmic Luck.

No denying here, many modern Guru's shun Karma as an important factor for attaining success, but nothing else can explain the phenomenal success that some people achieve with little or no efforts. 

Everything falls in place for them and at the right time as if some celestial blessing.

Everything will sprout at the right time automatically for the Karmic lucky, and aid their success.

Some people do nothing, yet succeed in life, whilst others, do everything but nothing happens, the invisible factor of Karma plays it's role prominently.

Even during the conception of life itself, the selection and fertilization of one among millions of cells, the circumstances one is born into has all linked to our past life Karma. 

From my experience I can tell that, one very important factor in the journey of success is definitely Karmic Luck.

Unfortunately, Karmic luck doesn't Favor some people. Result, they lose lots of things in life, sometimes even the love of their life and marry someone else.

They repent for it all though decades, feel unhappy, and make many sacrifices to push through their difficult life with another partner. They have the goodness and are pure soul and though they face lots of marital issues,  morally they may not feel right to split from each other, or rather they lack the will and support for that, so they put-up with the bad days and pull on. Economic pressure adds fuel to their woes.

This is not a rare situation, to my understanding, its happening around us to plenty of people, the only thing is that we don't notice it or that everything looks shiny from the outside of them for us to perceive such a conclusion.

Now in reality, due to the stress of their married life, economic and professional stress, over a period of time they develop many allergies and develop auto immune conditions that wouldn't allow him them to sleep or live in peace.

"Nature prefers a happy soul and keeps them warm and smiling." -

The moment failure strikes, emotional issues arise,  and nature tries to eliminates that person through a host of diseases that could send him back to the soil. 

"Nature prefers a happy pair, an happy planet, a fit planet."  -

All my sayings apart,  nothing is rosy for them in their life. Days and decades just fly past them at the wink of their eye with nothing good happening.

Another example of luck I wish to mention, It's about another form of Karmic luck.

It happened to someone I knew very well, it's about a impoverished small girl who was adopted and was brought up by an middle aged man, an ex-service navy seal. 

She now got access to good education and amenities through his guardianship. When she completed her college education, he got her married to an very good man, moderately educated but with an very average financial or professional background. 

After the wedding, her dad hosted the new couple in his huge mansion house for a fortnight, having a blast with the newly wed adopted daughter and son-in-law with so much joy and fun. 

At the end of the fortnight's stay, on the last night, her dad unfortunately passed away due to an heart failure. 

Though this left the girl devastated, but her man stood by her because luckily she is not alone now.

After the mourning and all the event's that followed,  a lawyer walks into their home and declares that the mansion where the girl lived and host of other properties left behind by her dad has been already transferred to her before her marriage through a will which her father had executed a few months ago. 

It's play of some Karmic forces which has kept this women happy and safe come what may. 

Now the couple still live in that mansion, have two wonderful children studying at school and they go to the beach every day with their children and pets, drive around, travels a lot, and are simply enjoying every day of their life without the pressure of earning for a living.

We could simply say she possessed good Karmic luck at every phase of her life.

We have discussed how Karmic luck favors in some people’s lives like a genie, whereas in others, like a demon, we simply term it as bad luck. Anything can happen to that person. Survival itself becomes a challenge.

So, its better to do things that brings good Karmic luck, being a little superstitious in this regard is not understated. If it doesn't serve the purpose now and here, someday it'll be a genie to our beloveds at the least.

2. Brevity and Intelligence

Nature doesn't prefer a coward or a fool to be successful. Their success is short lived. 

This is very well established when we look at the human history. It's all dotted with trials and turbulations, victories and defeats. Someone more abled takes over.

Some accidental success is soon lost into the hands of the deserving.

With humility, brevity and by applying intelligence, humans can overcome bad karmic luck and turn around circumstances for themselves and for others."

These are the original and simple thoughts I am putting forth here for easy understanding.

Show courage in what you do. Be daring. Don't shy away from taking calculated risks that could favor a good life to you. Don't hide under the umbrella of settled life always. Expose a bit. Shake up a bit to gain life experiences.

After all what we carry from this world is some experiences and nothing else. Everything else is mere DUST

Success is a cumulative prize that you receives for all the brevity, humility and intelligence you wield into the world. -

Intelligence is an equally needed pre-requisite to flourish, and we humans did flourish on this planet due to that intelligence factor compared to all other species. 

We were able to connect with each other, network word wide, share knowledge, go beyond our planet and communicate effectively over greater distances and for the things we couldn't do as compared to other species, we developed means and machinery to overcome our limitations to fly or apply great force and we also excelled at it.

Intelligence at a personal level is not so complex. It's mostly innate and when tapped and shared it manifests. Its simply, in the sense, as said earlier, everything of value in this Planet is in it's simpler form. 

Here,  basically intelligence is,  using every learning, past experience and the experience of others into the circumstances you are in and making that circumstances better for you. That simple.

When every action of yours, originating from your intelligence, which in turn is originating from yours and others experience, adds up cumulatively to be called as your success.

Even in difficult situations, remember this, use your most important tools : Humility, Brevity and Intelligence to combat, if you only use your emotional self  you could break down emotionally. 

That's what I did, in trying times, in most difficult times of my life and most unfortunate phases of my life. You can do that too.

3. Constancy of purpose and level of sincerity in what we do.

Success is sure if we are sincere in our purpose and constant at it.

With a vision to meet that purpose, work towards meeting the immediate goals to reach towards that envisaged vision, with this, all other things in life blossoms by itself, and is taken care of.  

Opportunities will sprout and open up from nowhere due to the positivity. 

Confidence eludes in abundance and the thirst for success will soar that will be quenched by sincerity and such success will definitely stand out.

Secondly, coming to point (2) The odds, inner strength and self-mastery.

Now to the second sub point: Inner strength and Self-mastery. 

The easiest way to fail is to become a subordinate to our senses, to the sensations of our  senses called the Maya and by falling prey to it. -

The Maya or the illusions and the resulting illusionary intoxications takes us to a level wherein we escape the gravity of reality and pushed to lead an imaginary life that's disconnected from our true self, from our true inner spirit. 

This Maya and its ensuing intoxication therein defeats our sincerity in our actions and towards our chosen goal thus failure looms at large for sure. 

The world revolves around moderation. Perfect self-control is hard to adopt but we all can master moderation.  -

Yes, the world revolves around moderation. 

The Earth operates at a moderate temperature (some -82 to + 58C) wherein humans have found ways and means to adopt. The wind, rain and sunshine are all in moderation. The beautiful moon light we see at night is in moderation just enough for us to sleep. 

Moderation is the mantra of Nature let's imbibe it -

PsyYoga is designed just for that.  

Bringing that moderation into our life.

In all aspects, automatically, instinctively and not forced. 

Since anything forced or implemented through rules wont stay long, and anything implemented with too much  manual intervention also will not stay long hence, it has to be embedded into the psych and that's when automatically life will flow easy. 

This is the fundamental thought and mission the practice of PsyYoga. to embed the things into the Psyche through PsyYoga. It's a thousand times better than will power  and It'll help to achieve the inner balance. 

The right balance to strike in life is somewhere in between the two extremes of tight self-control and total surrender to the senses. - 

Results are thus achieved by those who have mastered this balance and living a life not by completely denouncing the senses but by having mastery over them and finding balance.

The key to Bliss is in making the power of our senses work for us instead of working against us. - 

Success also depends to an extent on the constitution of the individual, their inherent inner strength, their ability to preserve against all odds and stay focused.

Being successful is never an end product, It's work in progress. -

The inherent strengths are not the learned ones in all cases,  for some, its already in-built in the individual person, such people succeed anyway in whatever they undertake. There's an uniqueness in them.

This uniqueness in them is because of the unique psyche that person has built over the years through their unique experiences they have gone through in this journey called life.

Mastering to balance oneself in trying times is the true test for the soul. -


4. The ability to preserve against all odds with our inner strength and self-mastery.

Self Mastery through conditioning of our psyche is at the core of PsyYoga

PsyYoga is an inward journey. 

This method is extensively explained in the PsyYoga system where the psyche is conditioned, so one can come closer in inner strength and success endowing the person with inherent ability to experience and manifest success.

Because will power is at the behavioral level it fails and PsyYoga operates at the Psyche level thus any changes to the Psyche is permanent and enduring.

PS: If you liked this article and is of help to you, you are whole heartedly invited to be a part of PsyYoga by becoming a PsyYogi and create a positive impact to self, loved ones and society at large.

Happy Days!



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Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at PsyYoga, Pebbles Transformation and Diversity Equilibrium. Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email:

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