The Three Levels of Existential Experiences In The PsyYoga System.

PsyYogi : Handling The Feelings of Frustration.

The beauty of our life manifests itself in many ways. 

But there exist the dualities, the opposites.

Sometimes those dualities (like the day and night) hits us back in much harsher ways than anticipated. One of the biggest such negative feelings are the ‘Frustrations.'

It manifests itself as the feeling of being very upset, or sometimes very annoyed, simply for the fact that something desirable is either not achievable, our efforts towards something is not fetching the desired results, nor an unpleasant situation changeable. It keeps surfacing, echoing in our ears sometimes reminds us of our bygone failures or the ones that resulted out of our inactions.

How an PsyYogi,  the psychologically well balanced, handles such a situation is brought out in this article.

Frustrations turn an otherwise beautiful life into an un-liveable mess. Many people lose their inner balance resulting in bad temper, difficult relationships, restlessness and ultimately sadness.

To get a grip on it, PsyYoga is formulated. A simple tool to balance our psyche by understanding ourselves better. 

With little efforts, and a deeper understanding of ourselves, we can see astonishing results, we'll be able to appreciate our life and others without giving in to the frustrations that ravage us like a mad bull. 

Read on.

Understanding is primary in solving any problem. Understanding our self is the key to solve the problems that lay hidden deep within us.

To simplify the understanding of our self, there are three basic levels of existential experience the author has conceived in the PsyYoga System: 

1. The Physical Level.

2. The Soul Level.

3. The Divine Level.  (not spiritual)

These three levels can be mastered to become a PsyYogi. A PsyYogi has a balanced psyche, and lives a peaceful and beautiful life.

Now, onto the three levels:

The Physical Level

At the physical level, we experience our life by the aid of our physical senses. 

We experience our world through the input received from our senses, our brain processes that input and we act according the resultant action it directs. 

Sometimes these inputs are more say, pleasurable, more addictive.

That's fine with us. But those experiences dissipate and disappear sooner like an evaporating water.

They give a temporal high, that's isn’t sustainable nor satisfying in the longer run.

The more we depend on our sense organs for a satisfying life, the more the cravings. This unlimited craving ultimately leads to frustrations.

Whereas, the things that serve us at a deeper level give us a sense of sustainable satisfaction that doesn't dissipate instantly, doesn't addict us nor does it harm us.

Why do people look for some tranquility in life?

That's exactly the reason.

To beat the nagging feeling of unmanageable or sometimes, unknown frustrations.

A feeling like one is going through a long, endless tunnel.

Our thoughts and feelings ultimately search for something more lasting, more joyous and more satisfying.

This isn't possible at the physical level alone, where instant gratification is the prominent element.

This takes us from here to the next level: The search for an enriching life.

The Soul Level.

Let's take one step down within ourselves and divulge into our Soul Level.

The mission to step down within oneself to the soul level to truly understand one's soulful cravings that not only sometimes needs attention (suppressed feelings), but will help experience an enriching life.

In this state, we'll understand our true purpose, our inner longings, relationships, and we attain harmony with our inner self.

When we sync our thoughts and actions with our inner self, tranquility results.

The chaotic mind turns calm and tamed.

"The Pure Happiness is experienced only at the Soul Level." -

The purpose of PsyYoga is to help the seeker get down to the soul level and experience this bliss before alighting to the final level. 

We call the experience at the soul level: "The Pure Happiness."

It's the sustainable bliss, sustainable joy, even when one is all alone. 

Yes, being alone isn't bad. 

Aren't we all born alone?, and bid goodbye to this life alone?, then, why not be joyful, being alone too? 

The whole cosmos gives us the company.

Only when we experience pure happiness, being alone, can we truly be happy.

Only then, can we spread that pure happiness to others, when in their company, so that, they will naturally like us due to the joy we give them. 

That should be the foundation of all our bonding's with others:

"The foundation of all our bonding with others is to experience, absorb and then spread the pure happiness, that is within all of us (at the soul level) onto others." -

They will all love us for doing that. 

Just meeting a giver, a giver of happiness and absorbing that blissful aura around them would be an unforgettable experience for all of us. 

Those are a real gem to be with. They have the power in them to turn things around for other people too. 

And one must be lucky to have such people as their partners, friends etc.; Truly an asset.

They have conditioned their psyche.

Take for example.,

When we are internally happy, that happiness can't be hidden. It shows up.

It somehow shows up.

So is sorrow.

When we are internally unhappy, even that will show up. In fact, all the time, somewhere here and there.

Even with our best efforts to put up a happy face, we fail.

Our inner feeling and our outlook is what matters in the scheme of things.

Once in a while, we need to shut-out our attention to the outside world and focus our all our attention within ourselves. 

Start an inward journey.

That's really worth it and it pays back in multiple ways.

PsyYoga is designed for that psychological conditioning, to help get to that state. 

Through the practice of PsyYoga, the sharp edges of some of our life’s undesirable events, that left us a scar is smoothened out, the spikes of some of our own behaviors, attitudes are shaped rightly during this inward journey.

"When we seek to move inward,  we'll know that there is a reason for everything, and we'll soon be in the path to discover that very reason." -

The efforts needed in identifying that reason is say ninety percent, the solution is then just ten percent.

Finding out the real unanswered questions burried deep within ourselves and looking for answers is at the core of PsyYoga System.

We beleive, all the answers are embedded deep within all of us, that's the beauty. It’s just that those answers are all hidden within each one of us, it needs to be unlocked by us or by someone close to us that we trust.

All we need to do is to connect ourselves at the soul level and then ask within ourselves, the answers then unfolds.

Practicing PsyYoga helps towards this inner journey and makes the journey easier.

Yoga is the "Union" of the body and the '"Mind" and PsyYoga is the union of that body and mind with one’s unique "Psychology" -

Two people's 'Bodies', or the two peoples 'Thinking Mind', may be somewhat similar, say within a given geography or within the typical socio-cultural and economic setup. But, no two people's 'Psychology' is the same. 

Psychology is formed through each person’s unique life experience they go through, every moment in their life. 

And each persons unique life experience differs considerably, from person to person, even among people of the same clan. 

Every emotion they experience, adds up to their psychology, sometimes it adds up to their positive psychology, sometimes negative, if it's positive it leaves a beautiful positive experience, else it leaves a scar on them.

Thus, attaining a blissful life, needs the harmony of the body, the mind and one’s unique psychology.

That is the sphere in which PsyYoga helps.

"Yoga of the mind and Yoga of the body apart, Yoga of the Psyche is very much essential in today's times ( we call it the 'Psychological Yoga' abbreviated as 'PsyYoga' )  to pickup the bits and pieces, each time we fall, stand errect and to move forward in our life." -

Our mission is to help provide that psychological equilibrium in this chaotic world.

When that balance is achieved, one connects with the infinite cosmos and start to understand our place on this planet. 

We know, and also start to feel, that we're just a life form, like any other living being on this planet. The only difference is, we are a "Conscious Being"

Conscious, with the power to ask. With the power to reason.

We always ask these basic questions - when, what, why, how? That's what makes us a conscious being.

We are always inquisitive and restless. That's how we are made, always eager to learn about the world around us.

That seem to the purpose of our creation, to learn about ourselves and our world we live in.

When we learn, when we realize ourselves, and the world around us, we start to appreciate all this beautiful creation.

We then proceed to look at thing at the cosmos level. 

Because we are just an reflection of the cosmos. The beauty.

Here, we get further astonished by the 'Grand Design' of this massive universe and the mechanisms that run it. The rotations, the revolutions et all.

It goes beyond our imagination, we get awestruck at the intentions behind that grand design, the intelligence behind that grand design.

Now, this should automatically transport us to the next level.

The Devine Level

Taking one more step from our soul-level, where we deeply understand ourselves to the cosmos level is called the Divine Level.

PS: It's not a spiritual level.

Divine level should not be confused with the religious level, it's more than that.

It has nothing to do with any religion, or religious belief systems.

"Devine level is all about the reflection and celebration of divinity within us, in all the beings and the celestial creations." -

At this level, one comes to understand, that the divine universe we see outside, is just a reflection of our inner divinity, that is embedded within each one of us.

It's just like the river water, reflecting the image of a large mountain.

"Stepping down to the divine level also means to reach the inner embedded divinity that exists in each one of us." -

When we are at the Devine level, we experience our inner embedded divinity, we then understand, that the same divinity manifests in all the creations we see around us.

That's why, we humans automatically look to be part of some religion or the other to vent out and to reflect that inner divinity, to express it outside. 

That's isn't really necessary either. It's up to the person to decide.

But this has happened for centuries.

People often confused religion and divinity, interpreted this divinity in the form of their religion and this will continue to happen. Will happen, even if our world is super developed, because, at the core of each one of us, this divinity prevails, and many people, do not know to properly understand, experience, or express it.

They look for some religion to validate it or to identify with it.

They can't ignore that inner divinity, because it's already there, take it or leave it, we have to somehow express it, some people truly understand it and live a beautiful life, some others are always looking for ways to express it through their  religion, that's fine, but religion is sometimes self-limiting with its set of rules and strict guidelines. 

Both are groups are right because, divinity cannot be contained, it has to be expressed, for example, creative artists express it through the way of their creations. Common people use religion.

Some others too express their inner divinity in the form of dance, or say an art form, some, through their devotion towards their work.

We further understand, not only us, but everything in this universe has some sort of divinity embedded in it. 

The sun, the stars, the rainbow, the sea, anything and everything, because, we are all awestruck at all this wonderful phenomenon happening around us. The beauty of all the creations that makes us see the divinity in all those. This thought helps us embrace not only our divinity but the divinity in all that is around us.

This is the ultimate level of our existence. We strive to protect everything that is Devine. That' the answer to all the conflicts, to all the climate issues, to all the unrest. See the divinity within and outside, stop exploiting.

We become really great and special. 

Most tolerant, blissful and valuable element to our society at large.

Thankyou for staying along. 

Your support, comments and experiences are much appreciated. 

Our mission is to spread some positivity before bidding adieu to this life, that's it, your support and wishes will be a blessing in this regard.

Happy Days. 

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Krish K. Madembeth

is the founder at and Pebbles Has over two decades of experience in the field of Inner Yoga and Meditation, has formulated the practice of PsyYoga® which is a psychological tool culminating the fifth and sixth limbs of Yoga - the Pratyahara and Dharana to achieve everlasting Bliss. - Follow him on Twitter: @madembeth - Email:

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